President Yan Jiehe Delivered Speech in Ai Pin Lecture

2013-11-20 Editor: Zhang Haoran 
In the evening of October 17th, 2013, Board Chairman of Susun, President of Pacific Business School—Yan Jiehe took the theme of “No Arrogant & Proud, No Life”. Yan Jiehe made his presence in the first entrepreneurial TV series Ai Pin Lecture. It is broadcasted through the channel of Dongnan Satellite and covers more than 50 countries in the world. 

 Arrogant but not Presumptuous  Proud but with Limits

In the show, President Yan Jiehe wrote seven Chinese characters with writing brush, which translated into English as “No Arrogant & Proud, No Life”. He explained that we ought to be arrogant but not presumptuous, proud but with limits, flexible and with ease in life’s summit and valley.
When narrating his growing process and entrepreneurial experience, President Yan Jiehe shared his thinking, practices, and innovations over 30 years and communicated with those youngsters who are currently doing entrepreneurship. The outstanding speech and face-to-face communication won warm applauses from the audience time to time. 

 The First God is the Appreciated Employees

Year 2013 was given the nickname of “Hardest Year of Employment History”. Confronting the fact that getting employed is so difficult, and the low payment, Yan Jianhe—entitled with “China’s first man who treats his employees best” expressed that the biggest charity an entrepreneur gives to the society is to make his enterprise as big as possible and treats every single employee as well as possible. The bigger the enterprise is, the more people get employed, and more tax handed over to the government. And all of these are the responsibilities of entrepreneurs shoulder from the society, just as he stated: “the first God of us is the appreciated employees”.
Big Marine Era—From Willing to Strive to Knowing to Strive 
By report, Ai Pin Lecture is the first entrepreneurial experiences sharing TV Series that is to forge the brand of “Big Marine Era”. It holds the view that in this era, those who are willing to strive will win. Board Chairman of Susun, President of Pacific Business School—Yan Jiehe views it differently: he believes the future world’s economy is the marine economy. We need to go from willing to strive to knowing to strive. Only by doing this, can we win. On September 25th, the found of Susun Construction Group demonstrated its march towards marine economy, which truly made a grandeur leap from Pacific Construction to Construct Pacific.