Chairman Yan Hao Won “Hurun Report’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Successor” Award

Editor: Zhang Haoran
On October 18th, Yan Hao, as a special guest of 15th Anniversary of “Hurun Report”, attended the summit. He won the special award of “Hurun Report’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Successor” in the Hurun Report Entrepreneurs Summit. The judging panel unanimously believes Yan Hao has been very outstanding among all the Chinese young entrepreneurs and China Pacific Construction Group has made great contributions to the new-type urbanization in China.

“Hurun Report” has been published successively since 1999. “Hurun Report Entrepreneurs Summit” was founded in 2003. It intends to create an innovative, internationalized, far-reaching, financial-leaders-only, high-level platform. The “Hurun Report’s Most Respected Entrepreneurs” has the highest level of all the rewards in Hurun Report, which is a form of evaluation of the entrepreneurs’ influence in the very year.
Quite a number of celebrities were gathered in the summit --- Wan Jianlin, Chen Lihua, Feng Lun, Ren Zhiqiang and so on. In the afternoon, Chairman Yan Hao was invited to inaugurate the “Hurun Innovator Rich List”.
After the summit, Chairman Yan Hao noted: “I am very glad to win this award, but it is not simply about me. The award is also the society’s confirmation to China Pacific Construction Group and the Five-Arm System.” CEO and the Vice Chairman of Susun Capital Group --- Wu Jiang, CEO of Huatuo CEO Forum --- Gong Lin also attended the summit.