Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of The Susun Group talked with Huang Junqi, deputy Secretary of YuHua District Committee and District Governor of Changsha City, Hunan Province

On July 13, Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman of the board and CEO of The SusunGroup, held talks with Huang Junqi, deputy secretary of YuHua District Committee and district Governor, in Changsha, Hunan province. The two sides exchanged views on infrastructure investment and construction.

During the talks, the two sides discussed in detail the construction of infrastructure, area development, urban renewal, industrial park and central China regional headquarters. Wang Jianchuang introduced the latest development of the enterprise, strategic layout, investment and construction in Hunan. He said that since its establishment, the group has always focused on infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management, followed the national strategy, constantly innovating development concepts and ideas, undertook a number of demonstration leading projects and landmark projects, and precisely helped local economic high-quality development and industrial upgrading.

Wang jianchuang said that YuHua District, as the central city of changsha, the provincial capital, has strong industrial strength, unique location advantages and superior development environment, and is one of the important markets of the group in Changsha. Group is willing to give full play to the advantages of its flexible mechanisms, patterns, diverse, accurate docking YuHua district economic development needs, will be more high quality resources distribution is local, drive the extension and development of upstream and downstream industry chain, power quality, and the local GDP growth, increasing investment, seize opportunities, to YuHua district economic and social development and urban construction contribution wisdom and strength.

Huang Junqi welcomed Wang jianchuang and his delegation and introduced the economic and social development of YuHua District and the planning of key projects. He said that YuHua District is located in the geometric center of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan metropolitan circle. As the first district in the province with A GDP of 200 billion yuan, it has a solid industrial foundation and innovative platforms. The output value of the engineering construction industry in the district accounts for 1/5 of the province, and the revenue of the engineering design industry accounts for 1/3 of the province, so it has rich resources and broad space for development. The Susun Group has strong comprehensive strength and outstanding development performance in the field of infrastructure construction. Hope that the two sides to strengthen communication, increase the intensity of docking, increase the intensity of resources, in the construction of key projects, urban renewal, industrial park, regional headquarters to deepen cooperation in such fields as construction, guide the layout more quality institutions to YuHua district development, resources, high level team, and together for YuHua district economic and social development to make positive contribution. The District Party Committee and the district government will further create a good business environment, provide high-quality services for the development of enterprises, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.