Cao Mengyuan, chairman of the board of directors of SuSun Construction Group 10, talked with Wang Xin, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the management Committee of Airport New City in Xi Xian New Area, Shanxi Province

On June 21, Cao Mengyuan, chairman of the board of the 10th SuSun Construction Group, visited Airport New City in Xi Xian New Area, Shanxi Province and had talks with Wang Xin, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the management Committee of Airport New City.

Cao Mengyuan introduced the group's development history, industry status, strategic layout and investment and construction in northwest China. She said that since its establishment, the company has always focused on the investment, construction, operation and management of infrastructure, closely followed the national strategy, deeply tapped the advantages of regional resources, innovated the cooperation mode according to local conditions, and acted according to the standards of "zero dependence, zero subcontracting and zero subcontracting" and "smart, capable and more obedient". We will create "conscience projects, grandchildren projects, and honor projects" that benefit people's livelihood.

Cao Mengyuan said that Shanxi is one of the group's key strategic markets, in recent years, the group with "wisdom, conscience; The craftsman spirit of "bear hardships and suffer losses" has created many benchmark projects and won widespread praise. As the core group of national New Area Xi Xian New Area, Airport New City has advantaged location and economic advantages. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and exchanges, continuously deepen cooperation mechanisms, promote the implementation of cooperation projects, and realize complementarity and mutual benefit.

During the talks, the two sides discussed the construction of infrastructure, industrial parks and regional headquarters. Wang Xin introduced the overall planning and existing industrial layout of the airport New City. He said that, as the only national airport economic demonstration zone in northwest China, Airport New City is constantly promoting the construction of Xi 'an International Aviation hub by relying on the unique location advantage of Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport. With the rapid progress of the phase III expansion project of Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport, In the future, the airport will become a comprehensive three-dimensional international transportation hub integrating aviation, high-speed rail, intercity railway, subway, highway and other transportation modes, and will usher in new development opportunities. SuSun Group, as a benchmark and leader in private enterprises, has strong strength and rich industry experience. It is hoped that both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, explore more cooperation models, increase resource input and exert the overlapping effects of advantages to add new impetus to the high-quality economic development of Airport New City.

Gao Wenjia, Deputy Director of Investment Cooperation Bureau of Xi Xian New Area, Shanxi Province, and Li Xiao, Project Manager; Zhang Jing, director of business District Management and Service Office of Airport New City station T5, and Wang Yahuan, deputy director of office; Li Hancheng, director of Investment Center of Optically Controlled Teslian Technology Company; Hu Dongdong, vice chairman of the board of directors, Zhu Tianfu, managing president, Li Peng, regional president and Chen Jingyi, head of the organization of SuSun Construction Group 10 attended the meeting.