The SuSun Group Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Guizhou Architectural Design And Research Institute Co., LTD

On May 12th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between The SUSUN Group and Guizhou Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD was successfully held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province.

Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman and CEO of THE SuSun Group, and Cao Mingqiang, Party Secretary, Chairman and General manager of Guizhou Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD attended and witnessed the signing. Zuo Fan, director of The SuSun Group, regional president and chairman of Yunfan Construction Board, and Ma Yun, member of the Party Committee, director and deputy General manager of Guizhou Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD respectively signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Lu Zheng, chairman of the board of directors of The SUSUN Construction Group 25, Li Bin, director of The SUSUN Group and general manager of engineering Center, Li Siqi, vice president of The SuSun Group and head of headquarters; Architectural design and research institute co., LTD., deputy party secretary in Guizhou, worker director, deputy general manager, trade union chairman still, board secretary, director of the office of Zhou Wei wei attended the signing ceremony, signing ceremony presided over by The SuSun Group vice President, COO MuXianJia.

According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and deepen strategic cooperation in urban infrastructure construction, municipal works and key projects under the principle of "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, cooperation and common development".

At the signing ceremony, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on infrastructure construction, project planning, survey, design and cooperation mode. Wang Jianchuang said that over the past 30 years, the group has always focused on infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management, followed the national strategy, followed China's urbanization development, and accurately assisted the high-quality economic development and industrial upgrading of various regions. Guizhou is one of the important strategic markets of the group. Last year, the Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Guizhou provincial government, Guiyang municipal government and the Management Committee of Gui'an new area. The group will always adhere to the enterprise core values of "safety first, reputation second and benefit third", give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain and strive to serve local infrastructure construction and economic and social development. Guizhou architectural design and Research Institute, as the industry leader in the province, has strong technical strength and rich industry experience. It is hoped that the two sides will take the signing of the agreement as an opportunity to carry out more extensive cooperation in various fields, focus on the project, release the superposition effect of advantages while deeply cultivating the local market, form a greater joint force for development, and realize win-win cooperation in multiple channels and all directions.

Cao Mingqiang introduced the enterprise's historical evolution, business sector, classic projects, talent team, etc. He said that the Provincial Construction Institute, founded in 1952, is one of the earliest large architectural design institutes in China. At present, the company is exploring a new system and mechanism to adapt to the highly market-oriented industry competition. While paying close attention to the traditional business, the company is further extending the industrial chain, cultivating the comprehensive technical service ability in the whole process, and expanding and strengthening the industrial chain of general contracting business. It is hoped that through the signing of this strategic cooperation, the two sides will share resources, develop hand in hand, strengthen advantages, fill weaknesses, expand market channels and jointly open a new situation of comprehensively deepening cooperation.

Chen Qian, director of the production and operation Department of Guizhou architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Wang Shuo, President of the fourth branch, Wang Qinshu, general manager of the general contracting company, and Zhao Ning, deputy manager of Guizhou Gongming Construction Investment Consulting Co., Ltd; Kou henglei, President of Yunfan construction, Li Zhihua, CEO of The SuSun Construction Group 5, Wei Wenbo, project manager ofhe SuSun Construction Group 26, and others attended the signing ceremony.