Wang Jianchuang, Vice Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees And CEO Of The SuSun Group met with Zhang Zhenghai, Party Secretary and chairman of Guiyang Bank

On April 19, Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman of the board and CEO of The SuSun Group, met with Zhang Zhenghai, Party Secretary and chairman of Guiyang Bank, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The two sides exchanged views on further strengthening bank-enterprise cooperation.

During the meeting, Wang Jianchuang introduced the latest development overview of the company, key market segments, strategic layout at home and abroad, as well as the investment and construction situation in various places since the strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed between the group and the government of Guizhou Province, the government of Guiyang City and the Management Committee of Guian New Area. He said that over the past 30 years, the company has always been based on the core business of infrastructure construction, adhering to the sunshine road of cooperation of "following the market rather than the bureaucracy, following the law rather than the power", innovating the mode of integration of industry and city, exploring comprehensive urban development and operation, deeply participating in urban construction at home and abroad, and helping local economic development.

Wang Jianchuang stressed that Guizhou is one of the important strategic market, The SuSun Group in Guizhou long-term cooperation, we always adhere to the concept of "in addition to word of mouth, or word of mouth", promoting the construction of various solid deeply involved in the construction of modern infrastructure system in Guizhou, seize the strategy of "strong capital", has created numerous reputation around for engineering, engineering benchmarking. Guiyang Bank is the western listed city business pacesetter, both sides have a good basis for cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen cooperation, adapt measures to local conditions, further innovate ideas, continuously expand cooperation areas, form greater synergy for development and make positive contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Guizhou.

Zhang zhenghai extended warm welcome to Wang Jianchuang and his delegation and introduced the development history and operation of Guiyang Bank. He said, Guiyang Bank as a local city commercial bank, in recent years based on local development, pay close attention to management, business to maintain a steady development trend. The SuSun Group has strong strength and rich experience in infrastructure and other fields. The two sides share the same development goals and a good basis for cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen communication and communication, increase the strength of docking, focus on the convergence point of development, give full play to the superposition effect of advantages, and jointly explore new ways of bank-enterprise cooperation. Guiyang Bank will give full play to its advantages and actively provide more high-quality, convenient and efficient financial services to achieve mutual benefit and common development. 

Li Songyun, member of CPC Committee and Deputy Governor of Guiyang Bank, He Kaiqiang, General manager of Guiyang Bank Credit Evaluation Department, Huang Yifeng, General manager of Guiyang Bank Corporate Finance Department (Green Finance Department); Shu Wenjing, senior vice President of The SuSun Group, Mu Xianjia, vice president and COO of The SuSun Group, Zhang Chensong, chairman of the supervisory Board of Yunfan Construction, Li Hui, chairman of the supervisory Board of the third Group of The SuSun Construction attended the meeting.