Wang Jianchuang, Vice Chairman Of The Board Of Directors And CEO Of The SuSun Group Met With Ma Yadong, Secretary Of The Party Working Committee Of Yuxi High-tech Zone In Yunnan Province

On April 12, Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman of the board and CEO of The SuSun Group, visited Yuxi High-tech Zone in Yunnan Province and held talks with Ma Yadong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yuxi High-tech Zone. The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.

During the talks, the two sides watched the promotional video of Yuxi High-tech Zone and the promotional video of The SuSun Group. Wang Jianchuang introduced the latest development of the enterprise, the strategic layout at home and abroad, and the investment and construction in Yuxi. , he says, is one of the important markets in Yunnan province, has long been group, give full play to the advantage of mechanism of system of private enterprises, has always been adhering to the "safety first, second, benefit the third by word of mouth" core values, and zero callings, zero subcontract, zero subcontract work standards, provide the service to the local economic and social development and infrastructure, go all out to build reputation of engineering, Drive and enhance regional commercial value, and promote urban transition.

Wang Jianchuang said that Yuxi High-tech Zone has obvious location advantages and superior business environment. In recent years, the strategic cooperation agreement between the group and Yuxi High-tech Zone has pushed the cooperation between the two sides to a new height. It is hoped that both sides will continue the current good situation, combine Yuxi High-tech Zone characteristic industries and development planning, promote the implementation of cooperation in more fields, and jointly contribute to the high-quality economic development of Yuxi High-tech Zone.

Ma yadong welcomed Wang jianchuang and his delegation and thanked the group for its contribution to the development of Yuxi High-tech Zone. He said that as a state-level high-tech zone, Yuxi high-tech Zone has been continuously diversifying its industrial development, enhancing its innovation-driven development capability, and ushering in important strategic development opportunities as the industry-city integration has entered a new height.The SuSun Group with strong power, advanced operation mode, the two sides have a good foundation of cooperation, hoped that both sides will further deepen the communication and cooperation mechanism, integrate more resources and power, jointly explore innovative ways of cooperation, expand areas of cooperation, improve the level of cooperation, booster yuxi economic and social development in the zone and realize mutual benefit and win-win results.
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