Wang Jianchuang, Vice Chairman Of The Board Of Directors and CEO Of SuSun Group Had A Talk With Wang Yongchao, Standing Committee member And Executive Vice Mayor Of Wuzhou City Of GuangXi

On March 11th, Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman of the board of directors and CEO of SuSun Group, met with Wang Yongchao, standing Member of the Standing Committee of WuZhou Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of WuZhou City, GuangXi Province, and exchanged views on deepening cooperation.

During the meeting, Wang Jianchuang expressed his gratitude to WuZhou Municipal Party Committee and municipal government for their care and support to the group, and introduced the strategic layout of the group in GuangXi and the construction of WuZhou project. He said that GuangXi is an important strategic market for enterprises. Over the years, we have closely followed the key strategic planning of the autonomous region, carried out high-quality, multi-level and large-scale in-depth cooperation with various regions, and basically realized the full coverage of investment and construction. SuSun Group has maintained a long-term and in-depth cooperative relationship with WuZhou. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement with WuZhou, the cooperation between the two sides has been continuously deepened. The group will give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain and integrated services, accurately meet the needs of WuZhou's economic and social development, devote itself to local construction with the responsibility and responsibility of local enterprises, increase resources input, and constantly explore more new development paths, making new contributions to the high-quality economic development of WuZhou.

Wang Yongchao extended a warm welcome to Wang Jianchuang and his delegation and thanked SuSun Group for its contribution to the economic development of WuZhou. In WuZhou were introduced after the economic and social development situation and key project planning, he says, WuZhou as the western region is the most close to the city of a large bay area of GuangDong and GuangXi "east" hub gateway cities, during the period of "difference", speed up urban construction quality, orderly promote key projects, economic and social each enterprise vigorous development, ushered in the unprecedented development opportunity. SuSun Group has rich experience in urban investment and construction, and has a good foundation for cooperation with WuZhou. It is hoped that the group will continue to give full play to the advantages of famous enterprises, base on WuZhou characteristic industries and development planning, deeply participate in the urban construction of WuZhou in an all-round and multi-fields, innovate the cooperation mode, deepen the road of cooperation and development, make positive contributions to the economic development of WuZhou, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.
Li Guangyong, deputy mayor of WuZhou City, Li Chuanjie, secretary general of the municipal government, Mo Shutao, Deputy secretary general of the municipal government, Wang Peng, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Qin Zhenxi, Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Qiu Zhenyu, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Cui Lei, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Liang Xing, director of the Municipal Administration and Supervision Bureau; SuSun  group President Liu Huaiqing, SuSun  group President, SuSun construction group chairman of the board 12 Hu Fei, habitat the construction of the board chairman, liu chuang, SuSun group President, chairman of the board in full construction ZuoFan, SuSun construction. 36 group CEO high ielts, SuSun construction group, 12 Zhou Xue, regional President Wang Ruyuan SuSun  construction the second group, SuSun Group construction twelfth Group vice president Wen Yanxia attended the talks.