Zhang Lingbo, President Of SuSun Group, Talked With Dai Xuqiang, Deputy Secretary Of LeQing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Zhejiang Province

On March 9, Zhang Lingbo, president of SuSun Group, held talks with Dai Xuqiang, deputy Secretary of LeQing Municipal Committee and mayor of LeQing, Zhejiang Province. The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.

During the talks, the two sides watched the propaganda videos of SuSun Group and LeQing group, and Zhang Lingbo introduced the latest development overview of the group, the strategic layout at home and abroad and the investment and construction situation in Zhejiang. She said that since its establishment, the group has always focused on the main business of infrastructure, adhering to the "wisdom, conscience; "Bear hardships, suffer losses" spirit of ingenuity, dedicated to serve domestic and foreign infrastructure construction and economic and social development, undertook a large number of landmark projects, completed many classic reputation projects, adhere to the improvement of urban and rural environment, promote urban and rural construction spare no effort. As the main birthplace of "WenZhou model" and the pioneer of private economy,LeQing city of WenZhou has a beautiful ecological environment, thick history and culture, and has significant geographical advantages and good business environment. Next, the Group will continue to give full play to its own advantages, accurately docking the development needs of LeQing, increase investment and construction, seize development opportunities, actively expand cooperation areas, and contribute wisdom and strength to the economic and social development and urban construction of LeQing.
Dai Xuqiang extended a warm welcome to Zhang Lingbo and his delegation and briefly introduced LeQing's economic and social development and key project planning. He said that LeQing is a city with a long history and a great gathering of people. It is also a city with substantial development and innovative development. It has a solid industrial foundation, a cluster of scientific and technological innovation platforms, a better business environment, obvious geographical advantages, rich resources and broad space for development. SuSun Group has a huge advantage in the field of infrastructure construction. It is hoped that both sides will further strengthen communication, innovate the cooperation mode, broaden the scope of cooperation, reach cooperation in more fields, jointly boost LeQing city construction and industrial development, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.
CAI Gu, director of LeQing Municipal Government Office, Guan Guoqiang, Director of The Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Bao Xiaochuang, Director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, Xu Kuanbao, Director of the Municipal Water Resources Bureau, Xu Lizhi, director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Service Center, Zheng Yin, General manager of the Municipal Transportation and Water Resources Investment Group and other leaders; Hu Dongdong, chairman of the 10th Board of Suzhou Construction Group, Li Rui, vice chairman of the 3rd board of Suzhou Construction Group, Hua Jian, president of the 3rd Group of SuSun Construction  Group attended the meeting.