Chairman Yan Xin talked with Lu Rongchun, Secretary of the CPC Yunfu Municipal Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of yunfu Municipal People's Congress

On February 24th, Yan Xin, chairman of the Board of SuSun Group, met with Lu Rongchun, Secretary of the CPC Yunfu Municipal Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of YunFu Municipal People's Congress, and Li Qingxin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yunfu Municipal Committee and Mayor of YunFu. The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.

During the meeting, the two sides watched the publicity video of SuSun Group. Chairman Yan Xin thanked YunFu Municipal Party Committee and Government for their care and support to SuSun Group, and introduced in detail the latest development overview of the group, its strategic layout in GuangDong and its investment and construction in YunFu. She said that since its establishment, the company has always focused on the main business of infrastructure, devoting itself to serving the infrastructure construction and economic and social development at home and abroad, and won a broad market with its quality and reputation. GuangDong is one of the important strategic market, SuSun group in cooperation with GuangDong from all over the long group, give full play to the stacks "resources, wisdom and capital advantage, actively response to the development needs, actively carry out all work, orderly, standard and efficient, bear practice mission, with career to give back to society, built a large number of key projects to benefit the people's livelihood, Integrate into and promote the vigorous economic and social development of GuangDong.

Yan Xin, chairman of YunFu Group, said that YunFu is one of the important markets of the group in Guangdong province, which contains huge development potential. The efficient and pragmatic government environment makes enterprises feel the charm of YunFu development. Since the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement with YunFu, the cooperation between the two sides has been deepened. We will closely focus on the infrastructure construction and industrial development needs of YunFu, as always give full play to our advantages, continue to strengthen the layout of the whole industrial chain of infrastructure, increase investment, seize development opportunities, open up a new situation of deepening cooperation in an all-round way, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the economic and social development of YunFu.

Secretary Lu Rongchun extended a warm welcome to Chairman Yan Xin, thanked SuSun GroupGroup for its contribution to the economic development of YunFu, and briefly introduced the economic and social development and industrial layout of YunFu. YunFu, he says, is a vibrant young city, at present, the provincial party committee, the provincial government under the strong leadership of the whole city earnestly study and implement the party's spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, continue to deepen "the great learning, deep research, true implementation" work, anchor the building in the development of the ecological development of new heights, building high quality beautiful YunFu this "target", Focusing on the "two main lines" of "ensuring high-quality economic and social development with high-quality development of Party construction" and "Grasping economic development requires grasping finance", the park economy, town economy and resource economy are the "three levers" to fully stimulate YunFu's "four advantages" of humanity, ecology, location and resources. Continue to sharpen the "six business cards" of Zen culture, Stone culture, sulfur chemical industry, Wen's Enterprise, Southern medicine industry, XiJiang Water, etc., comprehensively improve the weak points of people's livelihood driven by economic development, and concentrate on building a beautiful YunFu with high-quality development. SuSun Group has a huge advantage in the field of infrastructure construction and the two sides have a good foundation for cooperation. It is hoped that the Group will give full play to its strong advantages in capital, technology and operation, closely focus on the convergence point of development, further expand the space for cooperation, deeply participate in the urban construction of YunFu in an all-round and multi-fields, and make new contributions to the development of YunFu's economic and social undertakings. The Municipal Party Committee and municipal government will continue to optimize the business environment, provide high-quality services for the development of enterprises, and write a new chapter of cooperation and development together.
Mayor Li Qingxin said that SuSun Group has a strong comprehensive strength and a wide range of business fields. He hoped that both sides would continue to work together on the basis of the current good cooperation, deepen the cooperative relationship, introduce more economic momentum, and jointly contribute to the high-quality development of YunFu economy and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.
Yunfu municipal committee, deputy mayor, municipal party committee secretary general XieYuehao,Deputy mayor Liang Donghai, city secretary general Liu Fenghan, Yuncheng district party committee deputy secretary, district chief Chen Xiaozhou, municipal development and reform bureau Liu Jiezhou,Yang Xuemin, director of municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, deputy director of Lu Weitang, deputy director of the municipal transport department Liu Boshun leadership; SuSun group vice chairman and CEO Wang Jianchuang, SuSun  group President, SuSun construction group chairman, 11 ZuoFan, SuSun construction of the sixth group chairman liu chuang, SuSun construction of 25 group chairman of the board Lu Zheng, SuSun  construction group chairman, 18 group chairman of the board ZhangChao,Wang Haidong is the chairman of the board of directors of hongru Construction Group, SuSun Group Construction eleventh group vice chairman Ren Zhibang, SuSun Groupconstruction sixth group vice chairman Ye Xiaodong, SuSun Group construction 25th group vice chairman Wang Ning, Zhuangyan department hongru construction fifth group CEO Wang Na, SuSun Group Construction 18th group vice president Wu Qing and other attended the meeting.