Chairman Yan Xin Attended The Signing Ceremony Of Deepening Cooperation Agreement Between SuSun Group And RenHuai People's Government Of GuiZhou Province

On January 12, the signing ceremony of deepening cooperation agreement between SuSun Group and People's Government of RenHuai City of GuiZhou Province was held in RenHuai city.

Yan Xin, Chairman of the Board of SuSun Group, Lu Zhongyu, Standing Member of the Standing Committee of ZunYi Municipal Committee and Secretary of RenHuai Municipal Committee, Li Ying, Deputy Secretary of RenHuai Municipal Committee and Mayor, and Wang Jianchuang, vice chairman and CEO of SuSun Group attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing. Liu Jin, standing Committee member of RenHuai Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary of The Party Working Committee of RenHuai Economic Development Zone, and Sha Wei, chairman of the board of the 15th Group of SuSun Construction respectively signed the contract on behalf of both sides.

According to the agreement,both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and deepen strategic cooperation in infrastructure construction, regional headquarters base construction, qualification relocation, key projects construction, industrial park construction and other fields centering on RenHuai's "14th Five-year Plan" and economic development needs, so as to jointly boost the economic and social leap-forward development of RenHuai.

Before the signing ceremony, the two sides had an in-depth exchange. Yan Xin, chairman of RenHuai Municipal Committee of the CPC and RenHuai Municipal Government, thanked the group for its care and support over the years, and introduced the investment and construction in various places since the strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed between the Group and GuiZhou Provincial Government, Guiyang Municipal government, GuiAn New Area Management Committee and RenHuai Municipal Government. She said that GuiZhou is an important strategic market of SuSun Group. We have always been based on the core business of infrastructure construction, give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain, and deeply participate in the construction of various parts of GuiZhou to serve the development of one party and benefit the land and water of one party. RenHuai, as the wine capital of China and the hometown of MaoTai, enjoys unique natural conditions and excellent business environment. The group has always maintained a long-term and in-depth cooperative relationship with RenHuai. In recent years, while deeply participating in the construction of RenHuai, it has witnessed the vigorous development of RenHuai city. The group will take the signing of this agreement as an opportunity to more comprehensively and deeply precisely meet the construction and development needs of RenHuai, give full play to the advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital", increase resource investment, become a "gold medal winning athlete", and make new contributions to the economic and social development of RenHuai.

Secretary Lu Zhongyu extended a warm welcome to Chairman Yan Xin and his delegation and thanked SuSun Group for its contribution to the development of RenHuai. He said that in recent years, RenHuai locked to build the Chishui River basin regional center city and ZunYi sub-center city, infrastructure is constantly consolidated, the key projects orderly advance. SuSun Group is in the leading position in the field of infrastructure construction, with super strategic vision and practical work style. The signing of the agreement on deepening cooperation also pushes bilateral cooperation to a new height. I hope the two sides will focus on key areas of cooperation, innovate cooperation models and expand cooperation space on the basis of the original cooperation, so as to continuously produce new fruits and write a new chapter of cooperation.

Mayor Li Ying said that SuSun Group has strong strength, rich experience and outstanding advantages in the field of infrastructure construction, and has a good foundation for cooperation with RenHuai. It is hoped that both sides will take this signing as an opportunity to further deepen cooperation, integrate superior resources, speed up the cooperation process, create development opportunities and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
Luo Xiaosong, Standing Committee member and Director of Office of Municipal Party Committee of RenHuai, Cheng Yunsheng, Vice Mayor, leaders of Municipal Party Committee Office of RenHuai, Municipal People's Government Office, Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Justice Bureau, Municipal Investment promotion Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Urban Investment Corporation, Municipal Water Investment Corporation and other units; SuSun Group vice President Mu Xianjia, SuSun Construction group 15 vice chairman of the board of directors Lv Mingming, SuSun Construction group 15 RenHuai market chairman Yu Weiwei, SuSun Construction group 15 operating president Qi Lin, SuSun Construction group 15 RenHuai Southern New Town project manager Deng Fangchao and other attended the meeting.