[NetEase]Guishang From Home and Abroad Gathering Together for Catching Another Dreams

2019 World Guishang & Economic and Trade Cultural Exchanges Cooperative Conference was held in Nanning on January 7th. Thousands of elites from Guishang both home and abroad gathered in Guangxi.
As one of the conference’s supporting activity, economic and trade cultural exchanges won much attention. 5 Party Secretaries and 9 mayors from 14 cities introduced their investment policies and projects.
As one of the largest private enterprises in the field of construction, Susun group has set up its South-East HQ in Nanning and engaged in the Guangxi construction as a local enterprise. Currently, Susun Group has already finished 14 cities coverage and radiating the ASEAN 10 countries. The Chairman of the Board of Susun Group, Yan Xin said the group has already become a Guishang company with many Guangxi local staff. “We have always been increasing the strategic investment of Guangxi market. The real grounding projects are huge. In this process, our group can also develop. We hope Guangxi’s economy could develop further.”
“Once we enter into Gunagxi, we are Guangxi people, speak Guangxi dialect, doing Guangxi business and shoulder our responsibility. We will work in the spirit of solidarity with Guangxi.” In 2019, all Guishang entrepreneurs will be the dreamcatcher, participate in the Guangxi economic development and opening up actively.