[Chinanews.com]]Hundreds of Students Won the Huatuo Individuality Scholarship

2018 Huatuo Individuality Scholarship Touring Award Presentation Ceremony Zhijin Station was held in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province. 100 students from Zhijin county won the prize. This the 6th time the scholarship was released in Guizhou Province.

On November 2011, Yan Jiehe invested 1 billion yuan to set up the Huatuo Individuality Scholarship, which breaks the traditional culture-rating mechanism. The rating system adopted 100 scores system. Individuality accounts for 40 scores, Smart, Kindness, Diligence and Strong account for 15 scores respectively. The assessment was organized by Huatuo Individuality Scholarship Organizing Committee and supervised by local government. With the principle of “fairness, open and justice”, the selection was pushed in all schools in Zhijin county. After multiple selections, these lucky dogs emerged eventually.

The Chairman of the Board of Susun Group, Yan Xin said that the set-up of the individuality scholarship is an important tool for the enterprise to repay the society. She hopes the release of the scholarship could inspire more students.

County Party Secretary Yang Ye believes that the release of the scholarship will help and inspire more students to be hardworking and unleash potential. The county will take this as an opportunity and cultivate students’ innovation.