[Guizhou Daily]Guizhou and Susun Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

On February 3, Guizhou Provincial People's Government and Susun Construction Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Guiyang.
Since entering Guizhou in 2010, Susun Group has carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with 9 cities, prefectures, and 72 counties in the province, with a total investment of over 100 billion yuan, creating several major livelihood projects and highlight projects.
"The cooperation between Susun Group and Guizhou has a long history. We have also seen that Guizhou, as a transportation hub in Southwest China, has created a 'Golden Decade'. The growth rate of economic development ranks among the top in the country, and the good business environment is commendable." Wang Jianchuang, the first vice chairman and CEO of Susun Group, said that Susun Group will seize the opportunity, enhance cooperation and inject strength into Guizhou's economic development.
It is understood that the main contents of this signing include that in the next five years, Susun Group will land its headquarters base in Guizhou, and introduce its upstream and downstream enterprises into Guizhou to form an industrial chain cluster development, increase investment in infrastructure and boost the development of new urbanization in Guizhou.
In the next step, Susun Group will rely on the brand influence and resource advantages of enterprises to help local areas carry out resource integration, brand packaging, and market development, promote the development of local characteristic industries, take Huatuo CEO Forum Personality Scholarship as the carrier to support the development of education in Guizhou, actively explore new modes of political and business cooperation, it will fully promote the construction of future cities, characteristic towns and beautiful countryside with "integration of production and city, integration of people and city, and integration of scenery and city", from the era of infrastructure construction 1.0, transformation and upgrading to the era of urban comprehensive operation 2.0, and promote rural revitalization with the concept of green development, make new and greater contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Guizhou Province.