[Interview with China-ASEAN Expo] Yan Xin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Susun Group: Susun Group has deepened its cooperation with ASEAN countries with the help of the East Expo

International Online Guangxi Channel News: On November 27, the 17th China-ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "China-ASEAN Expo") and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit opened in Nanning. On November 28, Yan Xin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Susun Group, was interviewed by the media. She talked about her personal views on how Pacific Construction Group and Susun Group can strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries with the help of the China-ASEAN Expo. She said: "Susun Group has witnessed the rapid development of Guangxi's economy while deeply participating in Guangxi's construction. The cooperation process between Susun Group and Guangxi is also accelerating.” 
High-quality development benefits from the same frequency resonance between enterprise development and national strategy. Yan Xin said that the achievements made by Pacific Construction Group and Susun Group in Guangxi are attributed to the creation of a business environment by the Guangxi government. Guangxi's positive actions of supporting the development of private enterprises and vigorously building a new type of "Close” and “Clear” political and business relationship have strengthened the confidence and determination of Susun Group to take root in the land of Bagui (Guangxi) and integrate into the "the belt and road initiative”.

Yan Xin said that with the acceleration of national infrastructure construction during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Pacific Construction Group and Susun Group will seize this golden cycle, constantly explore the extension of infrastructure industry and corresponding business models, focus on smart cities, ecological engineering, landscape, green buildings, and other fields, rely on the new urban construction mode of "integration of production and city, integration of landscape and city, integration of people and city", revitalize local resources, actively participate in traditional infrastructure and development of "a new type of infrastructure, a new type of urbanization, and major projects in transportation and water conservancy", embrace trends, explore business innovation, and achieve stability and far-reaching through high-quality development.
Also, through China-ASEAN Expo, Pacific Construction Group and Susun Group have carried out in-depth cooperation with ASEAN countries. Yan Xin introduced that in recent years, Susun Group has carried out an intensive investigation and exchange visits with ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand. At present, Pacific Construction Group and Susun Group have successfully acquired Malaysian construction enterprises with the highest G7 engineering construction qualification and set up ASEAN headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. A series of cooperation projects with a high starting point, new model, and good comprehensive social benefits are progressing in an orderly manner.
Also, Susun Group actively participated in the infrastructure construction plan of "large construction and special construction" in the Philippines. Yan Xin said that Susun Group is very optimistic about the vast market of sustainable development in the Philippines. "We are willing to take localization as the long-term goal of Susun Group to promote Sino-Philippine cooperation. Starting from infrastructure, we will gradually expand cooperation to production cities, cultural tourism, health care, and other fields, and strive to play a greater role in the process of social development, economic prosperity and improvement of people's livelihood in the Philippines." Yan Xin said.