Mrs. Yan Xin Visited Vice Provincial Governor of Guizhou, Mr. Lu Yongzheng

On Feburary 5th, Mrs. Yan Xin visited Vice Provincial Governor of Guizhou, Mr. Yongzheng and Deputy Director General, Mr. Yu Xianqiang. They have carried out sincere exchanges in the cooperation of Guizhou Provincial infrastructural construction.

Mr. Lu Yongzheng expressed his welcome to Mrs. Yan Xin’s team. He sang high praise for Susun Group to choose Guiyang city as its annual conference place. After explaining the development situation of Guizhou Province, he expressed that Guizhou was located in the vital connecting line of Belt and Road Initiative. With unique geographical location, Guizhou enjoys a good momentum in development. Thanks to the superior political and ecological environment, it is his hope to contact with Susun Group and deepen understanding. He wanted to push the new development of Guizhou infrastructural construction.

Mrs. Yan Xin explained the first PPP project in China—Hong Zehu Avenue in Suqian to the provincial governor Lu. She said that the Avenue had experienced 20 years of twists and turns with no cracks. This is the craftsmanship sprit of China and the reflection of Susun Group’s honorable project. She emphasized that Guizhou Province is deeply linked with Sutaihua and represents an important strategic market for Susun Group. We will make every contributions to the modernization drive of Guizhou.

Chairman of the board of CPCG Research Institutes Ye Man and other officials attended the meeting.