Mrs. Yan Xin Meet with Municipal Party Secretary of Fang Chenggang, Mr. Jin Xiangjun

Mrs. Yan Xin led a team and met with Municipal Party Secretary of Fang Chenggang, Mr. Jin Xiangjun. Some leaders and officials received them warmly. Both sides conducted a deep conversation.

Initially, Mr. Jin Xiangjun extended his welcome to Mrs. Yan Xin’s arrival and explained the socioeconomic situation of Fang Chenggang. He said that Fang Chenggang presents the largest port in west of China, which locates in North Bay. With the acceleration of Belt and Road Initiative and ASEAN FTA, Fang Chenggang will strengthen infrastructural construction and optimize public resources. The city is willing to discover and discuss cooperative details and write down a new chapter in the economic new normal.

Mrs. Yan Xin expressed that the twists and turns of the past 20 years made Yan’s family stay true to the commission. They regard reputation and trust as the lifeblood of the company. Mrs. Yan Xin emphasized that Fang Chenggang served as an important gateway for Belt and Road Initiative with a broad prospect. She hopes that the two sides could establish mutual trust and interact with each other.

Ye Man, Chairman of the Board of CPCG Designing Group together with other officials and leaders have also attended the conversation and meeting.