Chairman Yan Hao Attended Hurun Global Economy Leader Forum 2014

Editor: Zhang Haoran

On September 5th, Hurun Global Economy Leader Forum 2014 was held in the “opened-up window” of China—Shenzhen. Chairman of the Board Huatuo CEO Organizing Committee, Chairman of the Board of Pacific Construction Group Yan Hao took alone the Chairman of the Board of Susun Capital Chen Feng, President of Pacific Construction Group Xue Mei, Chairman of the Board of Yueshang Construction Jin Liang and other elites from Five Arm System to attend the forum. They, afterwards, met deputy mayor of Shenzhen, director and deputy director of Shenzhen Investment Promoting Bureau Wang Youming and Jia Changsheng.

In the meeting, Chairman Yan Hao introduced the strategic pattern of Sutaihua Conglomerate “35+2+1 ” and the basic status of July·Grand Ceremony. Deputy mayor Chen Biao said that Shenzhen is one of the four 1-tier cities and the first special zone for economy opening-up. In the past 30 years of development, it has achieved great success and the economy has been growing ever healthier. The capacity of risk-avoiding and the potential development is growing on a daily basis with bearing a greater commercial opportunities and healthier environment. Shenzhen will implement the most opened-up passion and attitude to welcome Global 500 enterprises including Sutaihua Conglomerate to invest in and cooperate with Shenzhen.
As reported, 2014 Hurun Global Economy Leader Forum is a global forum initiated by Shenzhen Investment Promoting Bureau and Hurun Rich List. It has successfully attracted and organized dozens of global 500 enterprises and representatives in and out of China from fields such as politics, business, and financial institutes in total 500 people to attend forums such as “Global Positioning for Invest in Shenzhen”, “The Globalization for China’s Rich Leaders”, “The Entrepreneurship for Private Entrepreneurs ”, “Family Inheritance and Social Responsibility”, to name but a few.