Chairman Yan Hao Inspected Mengzi Project

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran 

On August 11th, delegation of Chairman Yan Hao of CPCG went to Mengzi to have inspection of the project. Chairman of No.9 Group of CPCG Chen Jiatu, Vice Chairman Wang Cheng Yan, Vice President Xiao Chuanxin, Board Chairman of No.6 Company Bao Xiaoming, Board Chairman of No.15 Company Liu Wenping went with Chairman Yan Hao together.
In the inspection, Chairman Yan Hao got to know the project in Mengzi thoroughly and expressed his sympathy to all the personnel. He pointed out that Mengzi is an important market for Pacific Construction. We have to follow the construction standard of our group and make production coordination and deployment. We have to keep up with the construction schedule as we are ensuring the construction quality. Only by completing a qualified project can we forge our brand and win the market and correspond with “Huatuo CEO Forum Individuality Scholarship” and other branding campaigns. Finally, Pacific Construction will form an image that lives up with the top 500 enterprises.