The Fourth COO Team International Training Launch

In the afternoon of April.21, the launch ceremony of the fourth COO team’s international training of the committee of the CEO’s Talk holds in the head quarter of Susun Capital. More than 50 team elites and excellent stuff from the Committee of the CEO’s Talk in Beijing, the Susun Capital in Shanghai and the Pacific Construction Group in Nanjing attend the launch ceremony. The Mr. Yan Jiehe attends the meeting. 

This launch ceremony is the prelude of the trip to Japan and Korea in the next day which leaded by Mr. Yan Jiehe. The study tip to Japan and Korea which started on April.22 will last one week and will observe Hyundai Company which is one of the a us-funded enterprises in the world during this time, and will interact and communicate with the top executives of the company. During the meeting, the Mr. Yan Jiehe indicates: this Japan and Korea trip is a high-end business observation tour, and also is wealth and soul tour. Through this tour to rich life experience and accumulate strength is reserve of talent resources for the huge transform of the Pacific Construction Group in 2015.


At the launch ceremony, the Mr. Yan Jiehe also stressed that if people want to develop the feelings of ocean, people should toward the ocean. The purpose is not only to build elite team, but also to foster a kind heart, strong skeleton and elegant body for a long term meaning in order to achieve a life realm that people who know people are wisdom and people who know themselves are clever, also the how huge the world is and countless temptation, but these are all like gone, and only myself know the thing that I need.

This training is the fourth COO training held by Five Operation System in this half year. The Mr. Yan Jiehe indicates that combine the promotional activities of the New Analects of Confucius. He will leads team to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and countries in Asia and Europe. Through a series of tour to foreign countries in order to stand taller, see further, go further, brighter mind.